Best College Degrees for the Real World – Yahoo! Education

Another interesting article stating the importance of a marketing degree in today’s business world. Among the top 5 recommended degrees in this Yahoo article, a marketing degree was listed as the #4 most valuable one. Marketing is becoming such a major force in how business is conducted between companies and consumers. The ability to communicate with a consumer in a competitive market is a strong asset.

Best College Degrees For The Real World

by Chris Kyle
“#4 Degree – Bachelor’s in Marketing/Communications

Hoping to graduate with some useful skills that employers actually want? You may want to study marketing/communications.

“Each year, NACE asks employers to rate the importance of certain skills/qualities when hiring possible job candidates,” says the NACE 2011 Job Outlook report. “Each year, without fail, strong communication skills come out on top.”

In addition to studying communications, you’ll also take business-related courses that cover business basics and how they intersect with communication tools involved with social media, advertising, public relations, and even sales.

Start Your Marketing/Communications Education – Find the Right School Now

Potential career paths: Whether you want to move into business or the communications field, studying marketing/communications could have you covered. Earning your degree in marketing/communications could be great prep for a career in marketing, public relations, advertising, or sales.”

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